Hanergy Mainfilm

I’m proud to finally present the project I was working on at the beginning of 2015! I was hired by omstudios as Compositor and Pipeline TD to work on a corporate movie for Hanergy, a multinational clean energy company from China. We delivered over 176 shots for the movie, which was entirely produced by omstudios.

The final film was presented at 4k resolution in a custom-built 180° cinema designed by TRIAD. We were not sure how the film would look like when it was presented on a bent 180° screen. Therefore I implemented a Virtual Reality application that put the viewer into a virtual cinema with different point of views. This way we had the opportunity to previsualize the behaviour of the film in the cinema during production time already and make changes to it accordingly.

Making-of by TRIAD

VFX breakdown by omstudios

Production: omstudios OHG
Agency: TRIAD Berlin Projektgesellschaft mbH
Client: Hanergy Holding Group Limited


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